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Welcome to QR Master. Here you can build your customised QR code, your way, in your time, with our complete DIY code creator. You can see the styling results as you set them.

Why customise?

First of all, standard black QR codes are boring. They don't attract attention, so they don't get scanned. Customising your QR code allows you to make it part of your advertisement, instead of having it look like an after thought, hidden in the corner.

The more your code is a part of your campaign, the larger, more attractive you make it, the greater the likelihood that you will get your customers to where you need them to be.

What can I put in my code?

You can put almost anything in a QR code. In reality, all QR codes contain just a text string. We provide codes to direct to web sites, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos and contact details.

If there is something specific you want in your code, just ask and we should be able to make it happen.

They look great on business cards, and can get your contact details straight into your customers address book. (If you use the contact details option.)

Want to get started?

Head to the Account page to create an account and get started on your first code.

If you want to know more about our system, feel free to browse around and you'll see what can be done with your QR Master code.

A full outline of our costs can be found on the About page.